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DASH - Different Area, Same Hunt - is a puzzle hunt that is run identically, or at least similarly, in puzzle-hunt-heavy locations across the US. There have been four so far, and with the three most recent ones being in the three most recent Aprils; while there hasn't been a date announced for the fifth iteration, I'm guessin' at late April 2013, and a date which might be revealed this month, next month or by the end of the year. More excitingly, earlier today, there was a post on the official Facebook group suggesting that DASH 5 would happen in London as well as everywhere else. Hurrah! I know nothing about the specifics yet but this is about as relevant to my interests as things ever get and you can expect me to post more on the matter when I discover more.

Also, the programme for this year's Hide And Seek Weekender has been published. The event will take place in London from Friday 14th September to Sunday 16th September (with a conference on Monday 17th) and the line-up looks pretty painfully brilliant, featuring many of the most successful games from previous Sandpits, from other festivals (e.g. Scotch Hoppers from the big New Year bash in Edinburgh) and plenty of original material. I never posted about this at the time (though I did hint about it on Facebook, *blush*) but I went to a Hide and Seek playtest session on a previous occasion when I went to London and it was tremendous - lovely people, fun and original games and plenty to inspire fun game-related thoughts. I've been saying for years that I'll eventually get to one of these; perhaps this might just be the year! (Then again, I do have a crazy thought about trying to get tickets for the Paralympic cycling - that would be spectacular, too...)

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Hmm, maybe I too should make this the year I actually go to H&S. A boardgame playtest group I have an interest in have their meeting in London the Sunday, so that might be a good synergy.


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