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So yesterday, at a gig, I discovered that my last LJ post tagged "gig" was January 2016. Err... Last year was a weird one, on account of not being able to walk for much of it, but I managed more gigs than that. I think my post-fu has been weak.

So! I'm attempting to lurch back into it. Not least because I won't have the least what bands I've seen otherwise.

So, to Whitby to see the Goths! )

See what it's like to be blue

Apr. 28th, 2017 11:06 pm
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This is a very negligible entry, whose principle job is to check out whether the Android app which claims to do DW-posting works at all. If you're reading this, then yay!

I'm also experimenting with images. Yes, this is not an exciting post.

Green! )

(no subject)

Apr. 28th, 2017 07:06 am
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Someone is vigorously bathing in my lap to make sure she looks lovely for her new human. :)

furiously grooming!

Barring disaster, we'll be transporting her in two weeks! And then she can get as much petting as she wants:

Thea getting lap scritches

Sequoia Forest Swords

Apr. 28th, 2017 01:03 am
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Over the weekend, [personal profile] temptingcuriosity and I drove up to Yosemite for a long weekend. We had made plans for her birthday, but it was also Earth Day, and the park was free admission, which was a pleasant surprise. Only the valley-floor roads were open, due to lingering snow, but the waterfalls we visited were magnificent (in no small part due to the same snow). We were hoping to see some sequoias, but they were either beyond closed roads or in areas closed for preservation.

The trip was a good reset button for work. In the earlier part of the month, I was once again struggling to solve problems caused by nebulous interactions with code not fully under my control. My coworker and I had delivered a solution to the problem a few days before I left, but the stress didn't quite abate until the long weekend. Now, I'm feeling a little more relaxed at work, on the one hand, but I'm also noticing that I've stayed late by accident pretty much every day this week, so I need to keep an eye on that as well.

After a recommendation from [ profile] ellaguro, I've been listening to Engravings, by Forest Swords. I'm looking forward to listening to more of their music.

Code push scheduled for Sunday night

Apr. 27th, 2017 03:03 pm
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[staff profile] karzilla posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance
We are planning to do a code push late this weekend, at approximately 8pm PDT / 11pm EDT / 3am UTC on Sunday, Apr 30 (or May 1 for you transatlantic types.).

I don't have a list of changes for you yet, but most will fall into the following categories: things users have complained about to support volunteers, things support volunteers have complained about to developers, things [staff profile] denise has complained about not working the way she expects them to (and as we all know, The Boss is Always Right), and things that were printing warnings over and over in the production server logs, making it hard to spot when less frequent, more urgent errors were being printed. Oh, and also all the unused code I ripped out at the roots, which if you notice that, I did it wrong.

To sum up: we are rolling out a bunch of requested changes, so thank you all for your feedback!

If you're new to Dreamwidth and interested in tracking our development process, our commit logs are published to [site community profile] changelog and [community profile] changelog_digest, and every month or so, one of our volunteers will translate those often-cryptic entries into witty, informative code tours! The most recent one was published on April 1, so we're about due for a new one. Hint, hint.

We'll update here again to let you know when the code push is imminent!


Apr. 27th, 2017 05:06 am
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We have found a possible home for Thea and, although it's not definite, it's pretty likely and it looks like it will work out WONDERFULLY for everyone involved. \o/

My father-in-law

Apr. 26th, 2017 08:39 am
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My father-in-law passed away on Monday morning.

He was a kind man. Brilliant, playful, curious, funny, generous, loving — and kind. He loved to laugh and he loved to share, and his love for Amy shone out of him. He was so open to and enthusiastic about anything that made her happy — even if I hadn’t loved him for himself (and I did), I would have loved him for that.

I know he wanted to be remembered for who he was before the last few months of his life. The lively, silly, driven man who raced his small daughter down corridors (feinting the wrong way and giggling as she followed his misdirection), who trekked the world for charity, who took beautiful photographs, loved music, cooked and ate with gusto, and took great pleasure in so many things. But I’ll also remember how, at the end, he kept his kindness and kept his warmth. Every time we visited, I was struck again by how clearly he wanted Amy to feel welcome, to feel loved.

I was so lucky to have him in my life for the last few years. I'm far from the only one who'll be carrying him in my heart from now on.
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EDIT: We have found a Very Probable Home for Thea! Go internet.

(Click any photo for a larger version!)

Hello, internet! I'm Thea. Here I am in my favorite spot (somebody's lap):

Thea in my lap looking up at the camera sleepily

I'm a female dilute calico, and the vet and the vet dentist think I'm about five years old. I grew up on the streets of Baltimore, but it's cold and lonely out there and I like people too much, so now I need a forever home! I'm an absolute sweetheart who'll be in your lap or draped over your shoulder the minute I meet you, but there's one catch: I need to be an only cat.

Thea asleep up against my legs

More about me! And more pictures! )

Does it sound like you could be my human? If so, leave a comment with your email address, and the humans will get in touch with you. (Or, you can email [personal profile] synecdochic at Anonymous comments are allowed; you don't need a Dreamwidth account. I'm in Baltimore right now, and the humans would prefer somebody within a few hours' drive or somebody who's willing to come pick me up themselves, but if you're the absolute right person to take me in, they're willing to talk about flying me to you, especially if you can pay for some or all of the costs. (Having all my teeth pulled wasn't cheap!) [EDIT: The humans have a friend who might be able to put a flight on frequent flyer miles for me, so they're willing to escort me outside the immediate area for the right home!]

I'm looking forward to finding someone I can help with everything, drape on top of, and sleep on!

(Please share this with your friends! For the first round of looking we'd prefer not much further than friends-of-friends, because we'd like to know the people she's going to or know someone who knows them, but if the first efforts don't pan out, we'll try again with a wider reach. We also already know the rescue organization we'll turn to if we can't find her a home through word of mouth, so you don't need to research rescue options for us!)

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Apr. 24th, 2017 10:53 pm
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I've started a few posts over the last couple of days but they all end up either ridiculously negative our massively overly positive because at the moment I have NO CHILL.

(am I a person who says no chill? apparently yes)

(I went to a service where a friend made his life profession in the Society of Saint Francis on Saturday and then there was a lot of socialising with strangers and I was such a mess the whole way home and then I decided to listen to the Ordinary Days soundtrack and I'm not saying I was crying on the A1M but my eyes might have watered a little)

I'm suffering from that thing where the more organised I get the more I realise it's all a lie and there are hundreds of things I'm not being organised about and maybe it was better when I just didn't know? Probably it wasn't better really but it's a little dispiriting.

On the otherhand I got two steps further on with a thing that's been on my to do list for... well I'm pretty sure it went on at some point in 2015? And early 2015 at that. So that's an achievement.

Currently the thing bringing me most joy is my continued ability to forget that this is a Bank Holiday weekend so that I get that little jolt of "three day weekend" over and over again.

That and the fact that I think I can actually make one of the showings of Moonlight at our local cinema which hasn't been true the last two months.
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Whilst away at the weekend, I finished reading The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope. I was initially intrigued by the fact that the protagonist appeared to be a man of Portuguese descent, named Ferdinand Lopez. As the opening conflict in the story related to his desire to marry Emily Wharton, and her father's only objection was that he wasn't English, I thought perhaps the novel was going to subvert Victorian prejudices and have him turn out to be the hero. Sadly, this was not to be, and Lopez was soon revealed to be thoroughly bad. Still, the development of Emily as a character had a great deal of depth, and her struggle in trying to remain true to her marriage vows, as her husband's character became clear to her, was very convincingly portrayed. All the characters were multi-faceted (Lopez really did love her, in his way), and the angst and melodrama overflowed throughout the book in a highly entertaining fashion. It was very repetitive in places (good, old, paid-by-the-word serials!), and I would have preferred Lopez to prove everyone wrong by establishing his worth, but it was still a very enjoyable book overall.

I also finished listening to Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, which I decided to try because the audio version was recommended to me as having a good narrator. This was certainly true, as I remember not really being engaged by the book when I read it in text version, whereas the audiobook got me invested right away, and kept me listening avidly right to the end. The narrator, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, imbued the hero, Peter Grant, with a very appealing, self-deprecating humour, and I was extremely happy to spend many hours in his company. The story, involving a ghost possessing people and forcing them to commit violent crimes along the plot of Mr Punch, was pretty unpleasant in places, but the world was well-drawn and the peripheral characters both varied and interesting. So, whilst I only got as far as this book when reading, I shall definitely continue with the series in audio format, as another demonstration of how much difference a really good narrator can make to a story.

There were also several games played at the weekend, all of them new to me. I didn't get on that well with Legendary Encounters (Firefly version), as it seemed overly difficult for the players to triumph, and the actual gameplay wasn't very interesting. I also wasn't particularly fond of Migration, which is one of those games where I grasped the mechanics very quickly, but failed entirely to appreciate any level of strategy. Gloom in Space was just Gloom with space-themed cards, and proved just as unengaging as I remembered the original game being.

However, I bought Via Nebula, which turned out to be a really interesting and fun game. It involves exploring a misty valley, establishing building sites, and then transporting the relevant resources to them, in order to build structures that then give you certain powers. The exploration and discovery of resources benefited all the players, whereas the buildings only benefited the person completing them, so it was a tricky balance of getting what you needed without helping everyone else too much. Definitely one to play again while it's still fresh in my mind, and a decent addition to our games collection.

We also played Great Scott, which proved very entertaining on several levels. Players collect cards in order to construct a weird invention, and then have to describe it to the other players in the manner of a snakeoil salesman trying to make a sale. There was strategy in the card-collecting stages, in that points could be earned for matching types and also alliteration. And then it was great fun listening to everyone try and explain how indispensable their inventions were, whilst also trying to sell one's own. I drew with one of the other players, though most of my points came from good card combinations, whilst he earned most of his via enthusiastic performance skills at the selling stage. My favourite of my inventions was the Clockwork Cucumber Driven Dandelion Airship.

Stuff - especially schools

Apr. 24th, 2017 12:31 pm
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Wow, I'm faintly astonished by the amount of stuff being posted here on DW at the moment. I think I'm going to have to investigate reading on my phone rather than just in breaks at work or I'll never keep up :)

So since we got back from the peaks:

  • The boiler broke, but was fixed within 24 hours with a £300 quid part. Thank goodness for the annual £160 service contract!
  • Easter happened
  • We had a visit from Rae and Adam and enjoyed the unexpected sunshine in the Botanic Gardens
  • We went for a bike ride over to Whittlesford and Thriplow, with a picnic lunch, and back via Harston Red
  • My phone came back from its holiday in Sheffield, safely in one piece
  • Primary school place application results were announced (more on that below)
  • The UK announced a snap general election
  • Mike had a birthday
  • We survived three lovely birthday parties for four four-year-olds in two days
  • Ireland seem to be on the way to huge changes in abortion law
  • The consultation phase on organisational change ends today

Many positive things there, but the organisational change and general election, on top of general brexit fears, are a bit tough. Still the hardest thing at the moment is probably the primary school results.

schools )

Finally, a meme: meme )


Apr. 24th, 2017 08:47 am
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I'm trying to get fitter. This is hampered a bit by my initial attempts injuring my foot.

However, I've invested in some kettlebells which I'm using in a largely unscientific manner to some effect, and I'm using our exercise bike and rowing machine a bit.

Also, on Saturday I helped a friend move house.

As a result of much of the above, I did very little yesterday due to exhaustion.

This morning, to rest my foot further, I chose to use my real bike to take me to the station instead of walking. Man, am I out of practice! I used to ride triple that distance and not feel it when I lived in Peterborough. I shall persevere!

My aims are to improve my cadiovascular ability, improve upper body strength, and shed fat. Easter did not aid with the latter goal.

Escape Room Rumours – 24 April 2017

Apr. 24th, 2017 06:28 am
[syndicated profile] exitgames_feed

Posted by Ken


Welcome to your weekly escape room rumour round up… This site is always on the look out for new games or venues that are opening, references in the media or anything else that might be of interest to the readers, so please do send an email if you spot anything of interest. That applies to owners too – feel free to send me your news for inclusion here. Don’t be shy!

On to the news

The start of May and a trawl through all the existing escape room venue websites means there are plenty of updates this time round:

  • East Midlands
    • Break Escape have opened their second game, Boiling Point
    • Cryptology have opened their third game, Agents of Danger. This one’s a little different from most escape rooms in that you join your GM on a mission, are taken outdoors and end up in the caves beneath the city.
  • West Midlands
    • Escape Reality have announced plans for a fifth venue in the UK, adding Coventry to their existing Glasgow, Cardiff, Leicester and Leeds locations.
  • Scotland
  • South West England
    • Cornwall’s Great Escape Rooms have opened a new game, The Cold Case of the 1920s
    • Eureka Escape are opening their third game Murder on the Night Riviera
    • Clue HQ Swindon have opened with their first game being the standard Clue HQ offering of Bunker 38. The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun is due to follow soon.
    • Escape Dungeons are closing their temporary Easter game, Save The World
  • South East England
    • Great to see another school getting in on the escape room act using Breakout EDU’s kit.
    • Since the closure of A Great Escape, Milton Keynes has seemed like an obvious choice for a new escape room. That gap looks set to close next month with the arrival of Escaper MK, a new venue being set up in the city.
    • Secrets Beneath have long since been established in Jersey but they’re hopping over the sea to Portsmouth for a new version of their Outbreak game.
    • Those of you with long memories may remember the Trapped Up North venue in Manchester which closed down a couple of years ago. Well, the franchise is still going strong in the horror industry and they’re reopening two of their games in the Bluewater shopping centre under the name Trapped Down South. Jigsaw and Cabin Fever both open this week.
    • The Puzzle Room have a reputation for opening up games in existing sites, making use of local history – previous examples include Cromwell’s House and Suffolk Food Hall. This time round they’ve developed Codebreakers 1954 at the East Anglia Railway Museum.
    • Random-Rooms has been open on the Isle of Wight for quite a while so it may be surprising that it’s their fourth game that they’ve chosen to call “the Random Room”. They’ve eschewed story and theme in this game and gone straight for the simplest option – you’re trapped in a room, escape!
  • London
    • Lover’s of Lady Chastity will be delighted to know that Handmade Mysteries are finally opening a second game. After a long gestation period, Poppa Plock with pop out in Islington this week at a new venue, the Depot – clearly they’re sticking with their tried and test “room in a pub” approach.
    • Modern Fables are running a competition via Play Exit Games to win a game for up to five people at their new escape room.
  • Yorkshire and the Humber
    • Looks like there’s a project on at York University to create an escape room as part of a museum exhibition.
    • Enigma Rooms have branches in Sheffield and Doncaster already but apparently that’s not enough because they’ve chosen to open up a third location in Retford. For those of you whose geography knowledge of that area isn’t great, it’s pretty much due east of Sheffield.  You can’t be blamed if you don’t recognise Retford, though, as it’s only got a population of around 20,000. No details yet of the opening date.
    • Project Breakout is opening in Brighouse, West Yorkshire with their first game called The Antidote. Two more to follow – watch this space.
    • At their Doncaster venue, Enigma Rooms is opening a new game entitled the Heist.
  • Wales
    • It happened a while back but this site failed to notice – City Mazes Cardiff opened a new game, Pirates of the Bay
    • Zombie is opening at Zin Zan Escapes is opening in Cwmbram, just north of Newport. It’s a three game site with Zombie, the Imaginarium and Alpha & Omega making up their lineup.

That’s all I’m aware of. If any of the above is incorrect or if you’re aware of other news, discounts or competitions, then let me know via email or in the comments below and I’ll include updates in the next edition.

Thanks for reading!

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Friends. I held a seder yesterday. It was amazing. I want to tell you all about it. At great length. If you like, you can skip to the bottom where there are adorable photos.

Cut for many words and some photos )


Apr. 22nd, 2017 12:46 am
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Been working on game writing app like wow the past week and a bit. Progress is satisfying; have only hit real frustration in past two days. Tonight, I implemented the last part of the changes that gave me so much trouble... it worked pretty much immediately, only a few minor fixes required. Success feels almost anti-climatic. :D I only wanted to do a tiny bit of coding today (to maintain my 'streak') and then go to bed, so it works out.

I may have made a minor tactical error checking internet before I turn off laptop, though. Drama I've worried about erupting in that Tumblr tag may have finally broken out. Like acne!
My brain love seizing upon silly garbage to be mad and/or sad about, so even though there's a high chance it's literally nothing, reading it properly is the last thing I want to do when I plan on falling asleep in the next hour. I mention it mainly because at least one perp is making that kind of Tumblr post that is just an unpleasant 'my face when' image, then uses the tags to call out people. I was going to say that such posts are one of the most passive-aggressive thing you can do on the internet, but upon reflection, it might come second to snarking about it in a Dreamwidth account only three people read. Goodnight!

The importer has (mostly) caught up!

Apr. 19th, 2017 11:02 pm
denise: Image: Me, facing away from camera, on top of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome (Default)
[staff profile] denise posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance
Our content importer has mostly caught up with its backlog; almost everything that's still listed as being "in the queue" are jobs that were tried, failed once or more with a temporary failure, and are waiting to try again. (The importer tries a few times, at successively longer intervals, when it gets a failure it thinks might be temporary/might correct itself later on.) This means that new imports scheduled now should complete in hours (or even minutes), not the "several days" it's been taking.

If you tried to schedule a second import while the first one was still running, at any time in the past 10 days or so, you may have confused the poor thing. If you think your import should be finished by now and it isn't, and you're seeing "Aborted" on the Importer Status part of the Importer page, feel free to open a support request in the Importer category and we'll look into it for you. (It may take a little bit before you get a response; those of us who have the access to look into importer problems have been really busy for the past two weeks or so, and I at least need a few days to catch my breath a bit before diving back into the fray! But we'll do what we can.)

I hope all y'all are continuing to settle in well to your new home!

Bye bye LJ

Apr. 19th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Livejournal was never about blogging for me. It was a combination of a diary and socialising. The social side has drifted to Facebook for the most part, but a few people held out on LJ. It now seems to be dying a death. So I'm moving to Dreamwidth with half the world to see if socialising still happens here.


Who should I be following?

[done] Dreamhack maintenance reminder

Apr. 19th, 2017 09:31 am
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[personal profile] sophie posting in [site community profile] dw_dev
As mentioned in my last post, I will be taking the Dreamhack server down for maintenance in 30 minutes! I'll edit this post once it starts and again when it's back up.

10:04am BST: I have restricted logins to admins and am beginning the maintenance now. This will involve a reboot and some diagnostics before opening it back up.

10:58am BST: The maintenance is done, and logins are unrestricted again!

(no subject)

Apr. 18th, 2017 11:55 pm
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I am really determined not to become depressed or hopeless about this ridiculous General Election but I did realise that it might mean my constituency actually votes in Anne Main for the third time and that might make me cry. She's so repulsive and so many people seem to know that most of the time and then forget it every election.

So that's all fun.

I saw Hidden Figures tonight finally though and that was amazing <3 I do love having a cinema within walking distance again even if getting tickets can be challenging. The group sharing the little corner table I had were talking afterwards and one of them was having to eat humble pie as he'd evidently been convinced he was going to be bored (how?). I do love when historic films still make you hold your breath and feel the peril even when a moment's calm thought would remind you you KNOW the outcome.

(no subject)

Apr. 18th, 2017 07:18 pm
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So the UK will have one chance to avoid a generation, if not an eternity, of dystopian Tory rule.

I have a bad feeling about this.

In other news, I faced up and did scary things today (none are that interesting, or objectively that scary, but you know how you psyche yourself out about stuff?) so now I am going to have a little drink.